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Programming code used to develop this site

By: Michael Khalili

Take it, you can have it, I don't want it anymore.
If I had to guess, I'd say I spent more time looking up how to do certain things in code than doing the actual coding. Countless hours were wasted Googling and rephrasing a bunch of keywords. While many solutions I found were simple and just poorly documented, others were complex concoctions glued together through my genius. Each time I found a solution I thought to myself "I need to share this brilliance with the rest of the world." Though much of the content consists of simple functions, procedures and commands there are some masterpieces that will make you pause in awe.

Under the hood
To develop this site I used a combination of, Javascript, Ajax and MSSQL. I built it to take a beating which means common features like Ajax and data controls were avoided. Most of them are just too bloated. My basic theory is if a device is built like a Swiss Army Knife it's probably bloated and slow. If I only need a knife then I only load a knife and not the scissors, magnifying glass... etc. Though some of these controls do have their place many times they're over used.

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Remove White Space in HTML Output

If you've looked at the HTML source of an ASP.NET page you know there's a ton of extra whitespace that isn't necessary. If you're concerned about page load speed and bandwidth you'll want to remove al...

Textarea Cancel Enter or Return Key that Submits a Form on FireFox

When you set a default button using Asp.Net, have a Textarea on the form and are using FireFox a user can't hit the enter key to create a new line. Instead what happens is the form tries to submit its...

Master, Page and Control Page Event Execution Order

The execution order of the Master, Page and Control page events are not intuative. During each section (init, load and prerender) another one takes the lead and the order of events chan...

Textbox and Dropdown combined HTML

While creating a form for a project I wanted to give the user the option of either creating a new entry or selecting from an existing one. The standard way to do it is to give the user a textbox on on...

Daylight Saving Time (DST) Detect Javascript

Detecting DST should be a basic function that's included in Javascript. Sadly, along with many other basic functions, this one isn't. For all my Google searches I wasn't able to find a clear cut bulle...

Render Control and Retrieve its HTML in Code

The common way to utilize a control is to pass in properties and let the server render and display the resulting HTML. There are times when you'd want to retrieve and manipulate the rendered HTML...

Scroll to Object Without Leaving Page Javascript

The most common way to scroll a page is to link the user to a URL with #AnchorId at the end. This method allows the browser to handle everything and there is no code needed. For times when you need a ...

Object Position (Top and Left Offset) on a Page Javascript

Retrieves the left and top offset of an object using Javascript. I got this from Peter-Paul Koch's page His description is more extensive. Pass in the ob...

Reseed an Identity value using DBCC CheckIdent MSSQL

To reseed the identity value of a column you can use the DBCC CheckIdent command. In the following example I reseed the identity column of a table called ExampleTable to 9. The reseed value has to be ...

Time Zone Dropdown Select List HTML

HTML of a Dropdown list with all the time zones already added.

Parse querystring and similar text Javascript

There is no built in function in Javascript to parse the querystring of a URL. That means a querystring parser is a basic function you need to add for Javascript development. What I did with mine...

Time Zone Comma Delimited List MSSQL

Comma delimited time zone list ready to be imported into a table. First column is the time zone offset. This column is in hours and you'll notice some use decimals. Second column is the name of the ti...

Time zone detect and ignore Daylight Saving Time (DST) Javascript

When I needed a way to detect the browser time zone all I found were posts using getTimezoneOffset. The problem with that was it never took into account DST. If the user was currently in DST the funct...

URL Encoder and Decoder Web Tools

Creating proper URLs can be tricky. Many characters are reserved to be able to parse the different segments of the URL. For example if you want to add a question mark you must encode it first since it...

HTML Encoder and Decoder Web Tools

While developing websites there are times when I need to display the characters < and > on a web page. Since these characters are reserved you must encode them first. Encoding simply c...

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